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The last day for intake in the shop will be June 1st.
All projects brought into the shop – or en route via mail – by that date will be fulfilled.


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The lights of our shop went out went out when Julie’s son, Arthur Earl Derrick Jones, was ripped away from us on January 26, 2023. And now it is time to close the doors as well.

Arthur was the soul of this shop in so many ways. Since his death, our crew has kept things afloat out of extreme dedication to both Arthur’s memory and to repair as an act of service. But keeping the storefront open no longer feels viable either emotionally or pragmatically.


Thank you to our friends, family, and community for helping us create such a magical space on Greeley. That magic will never be recreated in the same way again, and now we must navigate the reincarnation of our service into a different form. The talented and loving shop crew are committed to continuing to provide repair services in some capacity moving forward. We are discussing community popups and appointment-only models. We are discussing timelines and locations. But most of all, at this moment, we’re discussing how to repair our relationship to repair. 


Every job, donation, and kind word you’ve brought us is helping to light the way on our new path. Please say tuned as we discover what shape this new iteration will take.


Rest in Power, Art.



The JD’s family



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I have had such good experiences at JD's over the last 8 years! They have done excellent boot repair for me and are such a great resource for other small leather jobs. They provide wonderful service, and the prices are reasonable for the quality of work I've received.

Jessica M.


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